With our specialist know how and network – we offer you the ‘RIGHT’ option for the Barge suitable to the Project. Types of Barges included in our portfolio include (all sizes and specifications):

  • Flat Top Barge
  • Pontoon Barge
  • Spud Barge
  • Split Barge
  • Hopper Barge
  • Crane Barge
  • Accommodation Work Barge
  • Landing Craft

It is more than often that the exact ‘specifications’ of the Barge required for the project may not be available, or, the business economics would tilt towards building a new barge and running it for a longer time frame. This is where Barge Mantra expertise comes into place. We have strategic tie ups with Barge Builders on the East& West coast of India as well as neighbouring countries.

Our technical team offers your full support in terms of identifying the yard, commercial and design negotiations as well as building supervision

In cases where the Barges need to be ‘Retro-Fitted’ to meet project requirements – we are geared to offer full services from design to execution

Our team of experts includes Master Mariners, Marine Engineers and Naval Architects who have extensive experience in survey and inspection & are available to assist you in all your inspection needs in India, Middle East, Far East and even in Europe

Our strong network and reach to Cargo Underwriters, P&I Clubs and Hull Underwriters ensures that our clients get the best Insurance Products at optimum premium as well as well understood and drafted policies

In addition to standard products – we are also capable of getting our clientele ‘specialist insurance policies’ which are project specific and assists them to sail through safe and secure. These include policies that help owners, charterers, contactors and all other parties who may be exposed in the policies.

Is the Barge built at another location and the project located elsewhere?

Is the Barge to be towed/ transported on a ship to the project location?

Whatever your transport/mobilisation needs – just call ‘Barge Mantra’!

Our strong reach and list of empanelled Tug/Vessel Owners is KEY to ensuring that the Barges are transported economically and safely. We provide such service from any part of the Indian Sub-Continent, Asia, Middle East and Europe (as the case maybe)

Our sister company is a licensed Crew Manager and we offer full services including Lining up the crew (marine and project crew), travel, medical, safety gear and training services for all kind of vessels

Market Intelligence and ‘Ground Connect’ is our process that helps us build Project Reports/Analysis as well as Financial Reports for Barge related projects. Reach out to us and we will be glad to work with you !